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WhutWHUT!? Yeah, that's right. Time for my annual "can I still sculpt" trial! I will be doing a few 3d versions of some of my latest sketches...

Don't get TOO excited now! hehehe
  • Listening to: Fleet Fox
  • Reading: Fahrenheit 451
  • Watching: pixels....
  • Playing: piano :-) still...
  • Eating: falafel
  • Drinking: booze
I have been getting back in shape! Mentally and physically! I have my old energy back and the creative juices have RETURNED!!! WHOOHOOO! I have even started playing piano again and busted out a good Mozart's Fantasia in D Minor yesterday after my work out!!!

Any ideas for what I should sculpt? I'm thinking of a colab maybe...

  • Listening to: Karen O and the Kids - Vinyl
  • Reading: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Watching: NOTHIN
  • Playing: piano :-)
  • Eating: veggiesssssss
  • Drinking: AGUA